Where did you grow up? I lIved in Rexdale, Etobicoke, Ontario until I was 15, then we moved to Port Coquitlam, BC,, But I feel I did my real growing up living all over the Tri-Cities from Age 15-25.

Where do you live now? I have been back Living in Port Coquitlam for the last 2 ½ Years

What is your first memory with cooking? When I was turning 7 and had to cook my birthday dinner and baked/decorated my own birthday cake for guests coming over since my Mom was pregnant with my sister and was super sick. She was calling instructions to me from the couch while I tried to figure out the kitchen on my own.

List some of the restaurants you've worked at? Four Seasons Vancouver(Where I spent 6 ½ years and did my apprenticeship) but then I decided that a conventional hotel setting just wasn't for me. Since then I've had the opportunity to work on trains, boats, food trucks and even spent a summer in the Arctic Circle working for NASA. I haven't had an opportunity to cook on a plane yet…
These moving kitchens included, VIA Rail, Vij’s Railway Express, Roaming Dragon, Cocktails & Canapes Catering, and some industrial boats.

   What is the food concept at Taps & Tacos? Locally Focused, Globally Inspired - I love cooking foods from multiple cultures and regions, but I also think it's vital that we source as much of our food locally as possible. We really wanted to put those ideas to work here at Taps & Tacos in every way, from the beer we serve to the food on your plate.

How important is quality ingredients? Quality ingredients are everything, and to ensure that we know what goes into absolutely everything you eat here we make almost everything from scratch - crema, salsa, hot sauces and tapenade.

Where do you source your Meats that you use at Taps & Tacos? We have an awesome relationship with Meat Craft Urban Butchery in Port Moody. They source all their high quality products from British Columbia Farms.

Where do your Tortillas come from? From the Amazing Duo of Carlos and Rosa from Santa Rosa in Port Coquitlam

Which restaurant (in the world) do you really want to eat at? Thats hard, so many amazing places I still need to experience. If I had to narrow it down to two, it would be Alinea, Chicago, Usa or White Rabbit, Russia

What's your favourite band? Dropkick Murphys

What do you do in your free time? Spending tIme with my Wife(Jamie), Daughter(Paige) and Dogs(Falkor and Einstein) Catching up on TV shows and trying not to think about work.

If you weren't a Chef you'd be? Still an accountant, hating my life.

Most memorable meal of your life? It’s a tie between an anniversary dinner with my wife at Blue Water Cafe, Vancouver and a super extravagant evening at STK Las Vegas with my friend/mentor Chef Kris Kabush.

End of shift, what are you drinking?The Darkest Craft Beer I can get my hands on or a Dark & Stormy

Best thing about being a Chef Having a outlet for my creativity and training/mentoring the next wave of culinary talent.

Restaurant trend that needs to go away? Avocado Toast, and Truffle Oil

If you could be anyone or any character for a day, who would you be? It’s a toss up between Dr Who or  the Punisher. It really changes with my Mood

Most memorable Culinary Moment Spent 2 months in the High Arctic(Northern Nunavut) as a Head Camp Chef for the  NASA Mars Research Camp. This was my first experience after leaving the Four Seasons and after it was over I knew I could not cook in a traditional kitchen for a very long time.

Best feeling in the world? Killing a massive prep list or shorthanded service is amazing. But quality time with my wife trumps all.

How do you want to be remembered? Not As Cheffrey? But seriously, I just want to make a dish so good people lament when they can't get it any more.
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